Dorothy Keck Dancers
Dance instruction for toddlers, children, teens & adults

Tuition Rates and Policies

At Dorothy Keck Dancers we determine tuition costs by how many hours you or your child dance.  We offer discounts for enrolling in our Auto Pay option, paying three months at a time, or paying for the entire year upfront.  We also offer family discount rates.  Call us at 210-829-8489 to discuss these discounts! 

Tuition rates are available here.

Click here to access our Auto Pay form!  Auto Pay forms should be brought into the studio, faxed, or sent via to

Our Dress Code is available here.  Please note that all dancers expected to wear dance shoes, even Hip Hop dancers. Target, Walmart, and Payless shoes are not allowed.

When a dancer signs up or is signed up for our Fall/Spring season he or she is expected to attend classes from September-May and is financially responsible for these months.  If a dancer no longer wishes to attend classes, Dorothy Keck Dancers must be notified in writing by the 15th of the month prior to the withdrawal.  Our full Withdrawal Policy is available here.

Wish to make an online payment? Payments are available here.