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Dance instruction for toddlers, children, teens & adults

Class Descriptions 2017-2018

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This is a basic guide to our class schedule. Please be sure to speak to a team member to further help you in proper class placement. Please keep in mind it can take more than one season or year to accomplish or master a particular class level especially in"higher" levels of training depending on dedication, regular attendance, year-around training, etc. All suggested age ranges are approximate.

Beginning Dance

Mommy & Me

Toddlers age 18-months to 2.5 years are introduced to the world of dance! This is the perfect early dance program for little dancers and mom. Class is structured around basic ballet technique, creative movement and pre-tumbling skills. Parents and dancers are shown how to interact with each other using fun props, silly songs and imagination. This class helps build confidence for little dancers and prepares them for First Steps.

(18 months- 2.5 years) 45-minute class 


First Steps

Toddlers age 2.5-3.5 years begin learning the “First Steps” of ballet and tumbling. Dancers are introduced to basic skills through age-appropriate music, fun props and creative dance. Students will begin to learn basic classroom etiquette, develop gross and fine motor skills, build strength and flexibility and understand how we use our bodies as dancers. This class is designed for young students to begin dance training and prepare for Level 1.

(2.5-3.5 years) 45-minute class


Level 1 and Level 2

Children are introduced to beginning Tap, Ballet and Tumbling skills. Every week students will participate in all 3 styles of dance. This class prepares students with the right tools for future dance classes. Dancers will learn proper technique, vocabulary, strength, flexibility, coordination, confidence, class room etiquette, grace, choreography and most of all how fun dance can be!

(Level 1: 4-5 years) 1-hour class

(Level 2: 4.5-6 years) 1-hour class


Intermediate Dance/Advanced Dance

Level 3

Students continue to learn more advanced Ballet and Tap technique. This is the first year students are introduced to the foundations of Jazz dancing. Each week students will participate in 30 minutes of ballet, tap and jazz dancing. As class progresses students will begin using more across the floor movement and learning more advanced choreography. This level is designed to instill proper technique and vocabulary and prepare them for Level 4 classes.

(6-8 years) 1.5-hour class



A rhythmic combination of sounds using the toes and heels, wearing shoes fitted with metal taps. Students practice refining the quality of tap sounds as well as learning more advanced combinations. Students work on rhythm, syncopation and musicality. 

(Level 4, 5, 6 and 7) 45-minutes



The basis of all dance forms. The basic technique consists of a strict set of rules regarding posture and movement based on French, Italian and Russian schooling. Classes emphasize the importance of proper body placement, grace, coordination and poise. Class will include barre work, across the floor progressions and center floor combinations.

(Levels 4 and 5) 45-min

(Level 6) 1-hour

(Level 7) 1.25-hour


Ballet Tech / Pointe

Class is designed to focus on strengthening dancers and prepare them for Pointe work.  Dancers will work on basic to intermediate skills en pointe and in flat shoes at the barre and in the center. This class is by teacher approval only. Students are required to take an additional ballet class per week.  Dancers should have previously completed at least one year of "Pre-Pointe" level class.

(teacher approval) 1-hour 30 minutes



Jazz dancing is shared by a numerous amount of dance styles. It is a living art form and influenced by cultural trends, technique and personality. Emphasis is place on body isolations, style, confidence, technique, music and rhythm. As dancers progress in class they are introduced to many styles of jazz such as musical theatre, pop and lyrical.

(Level 4/5, 5, 6 and 7) 1-hour



Focuses on strengthening, conditioning and flexibility for tumbling skills commonly used in dance such as aerials, back handsprings and front walkovers. Students will work on contortion and partnering tricks as well as acrobatic skills. Tricks are performed with and without the use of props.

(Acro 1) 1-hour

(Acro 2) 1-hour (Teacher Approval Only)


Dance Team Prep

Students in this class are introduced to dance technique, skills and tricks used by dance teams. Students will exercise stretching and conditioning as well as work on jazz leaps, turns and kick technique. This class is designed for high school dance or drill team students. This is a great class for dancers who are preparing to audition for their school team!



Strength and Flexibility

Focuses on strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility required to further dance ability.  Dancers will learn conditioning and stretching techniques to enhance their dance ability and gain muscle strength, and flexibility.



Adult Dance

It’s never too late to dance! Adult classes are offered in ballet, jazz and tap. Classes are designed for the beginning to intermediate level dancer. Adult classes offer an opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, make new friends and exercise.

Adult Tap 45-minutes

Adult Jazz 45-minutes



Shake It Up!

Children begin learning basic hip-hop dance and tumbling. Dancers will expand their motor skills through movement in the hip-hop style while enjoying fast energetic music. Boys and Girls are welcome!!!

(3.5-5 years) 45-minute class


Move It!

Move It! expands on skills learned in Shake It Up! Children continue to expand on the basic tumbling skills and the fundamentals of hip-hop dance with a fun energetic class set to funky music. This is a high energy class for those dancers ready to Move It!

(5-7 years) 45-minute class



A dance form based on isolations, funk based movement and high energy grooves. Students learn what it means to have “swag”. Classes are set to fast-pace, high energy popular music. All classes are set to age-appropriate music.  Students are introduced to styles such as popping, locking, break dancing and krumping.

(Level 1 and 2) 45-minute class

(Level 3) 1-hour

(Level 4) 1-hour 15 minutes


Contemporary Hip-Hop

Contemporary Hip-Hop is a fusion of hip-hop with contemporary jazz. Students are taught to move with smooth and hard hitting isolations to tell a story while using emotions to connect to the music.

1-hour 15 minutes


Hip-Hop Skillz Builder

Students are given the fundamentals of hip-hop. Students will be introduced to all eras and styles of hip-hop dance. As class progresses and skills develop students are introduced to showmanship and attitude. This class does not participate in the end of the year recital.

(Skillz Builder 1: 7-10 years) 1-hour class

(Skillz Builder 2: 11-18 years) 1-hour class